Inmigracion Xpress

It’s no secret that the Trump administration is focused on illegal immigration which most of the american population agrees with what many did not realize is that they are also attempting to change legal immigration laws.

Immigration and Business

Let’s face it, there are many jobs that our american schools are not prepared to teach about; this is especially true in the technology arena. While many american people want jobs in the technical world they are at a great disadvantage when competing against someone that studied in India, Pakistan or even China.

Even after getting into debt by the thousands, they do not have the knowledge necessary to truly have a challenging technical position in our country.

American Schools and Technology

Getting an education in the United States gets more expensive every year. But getting jobs that pay enough to have a great living are getting harder and harder. Trump’s administration feels that by limiting the amount of work visas provided will allow for more of these jobs to go to american people.

While this may be true the new administration is not looking into the quality of the education being provided here and the needs of the businesses requesting to bring talent from abroad.

Who will suffer?

The victims will be businesses wishing to make great technical advances. And our reputation for being an technical advanced country. Instead of making sure our education system truly engages in providing better advanced technical education at affordable prices, we are just cutting the wings of businesses trying to reach new heights because of the lack of local talent apt to take the new assignments.

Make America Great Again?

While this slogan is catchy it misses the point of recharging our workforce with hope and the type of education needed to meet our own internal technological advancement demands but also leaves us flat internationally.

Guest author: Janet Meadly