International Business Review: In this, the study is done of moderating the effect of a bi- lateral investment treaty. It also moderates the link between subsidiary ownership choice and political instability. Over two hundred and eighty- nine investments were analyzed. The highlight of such a review revealed that network relationships helped wine producers to expand internationally. They gained from tourists that attracted friends, relatives, and other partners. The language also seemed to be a barrier along with the lack of financial powers. It was also seen that firms lacked a strategic approach towards the international market. It was also seen that not all succeeded in getting repeated orders from international parties.

The role of social values in Business Journal International: The role of social values showed that creation and business models were co- related. The paper showed that constraints that Indian firms face in their institutional environment. The paper outlines the management of overcoming these implications and constraints for the development of social outcomes. The role of social values also presents an exploratory study of how business values can be redefined. It has been seen that many countries were referred to as rising stars or rising powers as compared to the heavyweights.